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Frederic JOFES
DBA SQL Server
40 years old, born in Deauville (France)
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MCSA SQL Server 2012 certified, with a confirmed experience in computer systems, I am an open-minded and a self-made man. Communication and management take a major place in the performance of my professional achievements.





   Since June 2010 : FJ Conseil company - Nice: Freelance

  • IBM, La Gaude : DBA SQL  - Business sector : Servers administration. 

Review backup and indexing strategy, configure cluster for L'oreal, Brinks and Zodiac society.

SQLServer 2000, 2005, 2008 R2, Vmware, Nagios 

   September 2007 - May 2010 : FJ Conseil company - Nice: Freelance
  • VIRBAC, Carros : DBA SQL  - Business sector : Pharmaceutical industry / Duration of mission : undefined. 

Creation and development of MCD software repository : user, application, server and support . Interfacing application data to the repository. Report design. Setting alerts, back-up and security of DB servers. CMS web product site administration. Was-server administration and software installer. SQLServer 2005, SQL Reporting services, SQL Integretion services, Oracle 10g



  • TRAVEL HORIZON, Aix-en-Provence : Audit and administration of database - Business sector : Tourism.

Audit report on actual state of DB server and configuration : Cluster, simultaneous connections and data types.   E-mail alerts for Deadlock event establishment and activity levels for CPU and RAM.          Configuration, replication and changing datatype planning. Conceptual data model modification. SQLServer 2005, Profiler SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, Sourcesafe. 



   April 2003 - August 2007 : ITG – Wage portage - Paris : Consultant


  • VIRBAC, Carros : DBA and development consultant. Business sector : Pharmaceutical industry / Duration of mission : undefined.

Development-rule establishment. Existing software maintenance and upgrades. Access application processing to SQL-Server / Java. Upgrade planning. Designing the intranet statistic software with Dot net and SQL server 2000. Fonctional and performance testing. Technical web master of Web Content Management product for uniformity of Virbac web sites (owner framework, Dot Net / SQL server 2000). Establishment of the production staging – WIN XP, IIS, SQLServer 2000, MS Dot Net framework, Access 97 / 2000, VBA, Microsoft Java SDK 4.0, IE 5.5 et IE 6 , Notes 5 / Notes Web, OLE.  


   October 2001 – March 2003 : SQLI company  - Sophia-Antipolis : Projet manager


  • EQUANT, Sophia : Datawarehouse project manager

Business sector  : Network and telecommunications / Duration of mission : 10 months. International environment. Design manager of the data-warehouse repository : technical specification editing, data source analysis, modeling and designing of the repository database (size and facts), implementation of Genio software, database tuning. Oracle 8i, Genio (ETL), Power Designer, Unix, Citrix, Windows 2000, MS Project, Cognos.


  • VIRBAC, Carros : Engineer in charge of migrate applications.

Business sector  : Pharmaceutical industry / Duration of mission : 5 months.

Impact analysis, technical solutions, specifications and planification of a projet to migrate and optimize Access applications. Database security. Development contribution for intranet staff with IBM team. WIN NT, Access 97, VBA, Microsoft Java SDK 4.0, IE 5.5 et IE 6 , Notes 5, OLE, VBA for Word. 


  • SQLI Sophia : DreamWeaver MX, DHTML and Javascript Trainer .

Training for Antibes city Town Hall, Garelli society and Equant group.


   September 1998 - September 2001 : PROJIPE Company – Paris : Analyst-programer


  • EULER SFAC – Champs-Elysées : Engineer study, designer

 Business sector  : Insurance / Duration of mission : 10 months.

B2B software improvement,study and coding of a web service after elaboration of specifications, user support.APS 3,VBScript, Java script, Visual Interdev, SQL Serveur, DB2, IIS, UNIX AIX, WIN NT, APS, Power Designer, SourceSafe, ActiveX, CGI, C, CICS, VBA pour Excel. 


  • PRAXIS GROUPE SERVIER – Neuilly /Seine : Projet manager assistant.

 Business sector  : Pharmaceutical industry / Duration of mission : 9 months.

International environment. Need analysis for achievement of a software to consolidate allocated budget, advertising medium for subsidiary of 55 countries. Study and coding of a solution to run multi-user Access97 database.VB 6, ASP 3, ORACLE 7, Access 97, Crystal report 7, Business Object 5,Win NT, Java script  


  • GENERALI FRANCE ASSURANCESParis St Lazare : Ingenieur au support développement

Business sector  : Insurance / Duration of mission : 1 year. Migrating 16-bit software in 32 bits. Establishment and development of 32-bit components VB and C + + for new executable operation. Migrating 32 business applications VB3 to VB6. Development assistance and test. Making an application for managing users of an Oracle database in intranet using VB6 and WebClass Flash4. Runtime Management and maintenance (test, documentation and implementation)VB 3,4,6, ORACLE 7, C++, Sourcesafe, Crystal report 7.0, Artemis, Tracker, Novell, Win 95, Win NT, ASP 2, Flash 4, WebClass VB6, CICS, , Power Designer 


  • SODEXHO – St Quentin en Yvelines : Configuration et normes de développement

 Business sector  : Catering / Duration of mission : 1 moth. Tests, migration and compliance of agents with DI department.Novell, Win95, TCP/IP, PC Anywhere


  • ELF ANTARGAZ – Boulogne Billancourt : Ingénieur de réalisation
 Business sector  : Gas Industrie / Duration of mission : 4 month. Study and implementation of necessary modifications to manage ELFI new bottle category by replacing static management by a dynamic management.Win NT, Win95, ACCESS 97, ORACLE 7, Sourcesafe, VB5, , Power AMC 

   May 1998 - August 1998 – Dozulé  : Les Boutiques Virtuelles : Selling computer on the web : Analyst and Web designer.

§  Development of software for SMBs in VB5

§  Development of software for business organization: Database to manage price between the site and updated supplier information, business management and accounting.

§  Development of tracking prospects software for central purchasing AMI2HA.

§  Webmaster of LBV web site.

§  Design of online interactive training in office.

       Win NT, Win95, ACCESS 97, ORACLE 7, Sourcesafe, VB5 

   August 1995 - August 1996 : MIROLINE petroleum corporation – Honfleur : Chief operating storage and distribution of hydrocarbon. 

 §  Improve and maintain IT operations of the movement for Honfleur deposit

§  Software development for inventory management with VB3 and MS Access 2 § Development of Printed Documents contractual automating calculation of customs fees. § Office tools training of Secretaries in Montrouge offices.

 §  Maintenance of computers

Win 3.1, Win95, ACCESS 2, VB3, Excel 5  

   July 1993 – September 1994 : Normandy Hotel – Deauville : Management controller & catering.

§  Analysis of production costs.

§  Optimization of working methods.

 §  Delinquency management. 

Extra professional

   Aout 2000 : Creator of the associated company Gestimedia, owner and operator of portal site Adeauville.com, and Atrouville.com Ahonfleur.com. Establishment of technical and organizational structures: Hardware and software, web mastering, optimization, marketing and business development.   

   Juin 1997 : Creator partner of LBV : Sales of hardware on the web. Establishment of technical and organizational structures: Hardware and software, optimization, marketing and business development.  

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